FAKE IMAX B6AC 80W no menu and loop problem solutions

Recently bought on b6ac on ebay. did some lipo charging and discharge.

it did eventually had the auto discharge 1S then over voltage problem loop and all four buttons not responding. after i did the STOP/Enter button while powering. ( bad idea. dont do it! ).

found this page http://blog.lincomatic.com/?p=1725 and i did tried the solution there.

and failed to repair it with 6s battery  way.

then i decided to open it and i change the burnt resistor. and removed the irfz44n.

  1. i powered it and the discharge did finish without the over voltage error. NOW MENU Is back. all four button functioning. so i put back the irfz44n. upto today. b6ac is working. thou am not sure its calibrated  properly. anyways, as long as it works for now. All is ok 🙂

Hope this info help you guys that have the same problem.

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arduino pro mini with my converted ufsbox to ftdi


using windows 10. initially the ufsbox to ftdi didnot seem to work. but after reboot it did.
i can start testing it with nokia 5110 lcd.

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New Hp x360 11

Finally a brand new laptop!

core m 5y10c 4GB 256SSD

I can restart my mcu projects 🙂

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atmega8 / atmega8A / atmega8L
• Operating Voltages
– 2.7V – 5.5V (ATmega8L/A)
– 4.5V – 5.5V (ATmega8)
• Speed Grades
– 0 – 8MHz (ATmega8L)
– 0 – 16MHz (ATmega8/A)
mega128 / MEGA128L / MEGA128a
– 2.7 – 5.5V ATmega128L/A
– 4.5 – 5.5V ATmega128
• Speed Grades
– 0 – 8MHz ATmega128L
– 0 – 16MHz ATmega128/A
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405x multiplex Test

I have these for testing ;

P1100721e P1100722e

Data Sheet 

HC – High-speed CMOS, similar performance to LS, 12 ns. 2.0–6.0V.
HCT – High speed, compatible logic levels to bipolar parts.

Using as Output.


ino part using arduino sketch

void setup(){
pinMode(11, OUTPUT); // s1
pinMode(7, OUTPUT); // s0
void loop () {
digitalWrite(7, HIGH);
digitalWrite(11, HIGH);
delay (1000);
digitalWrite(11, LOW);
delay (1000);

Using as Inputs




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Battery Tester

last 2 weeks ago. an old friend and me when to shop. we bought those LED bulb. was so expensive 2 yrs ago. now it’s cheaper. then we saw a battery tester. and bought it.


nice toy. it works!

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recycled laptop webcam

A laptop webcam.   from Acer laptop.



cam module pinout



it wont work since my asus netbook gives 5v on usb.

to make it work you need to make it 3.3v.

but if you will use the connectors on the laptop webcam on LCD. it will most likely have 3.3v already.

adapter 5v to 3,3v


instead of using voltage divider. i used an LDO transistor RT9136-33CGM04.

scheme for an adjustable LDO 1117m3.




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